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50 Healthy Vegan Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss  

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Intro: Healthy Vegan Dinners For Weight Loss 

Are you on a vegan weight loss diet and need dinner recipe ideas? Food should never have to feel boring or tedious! It should be fun, delicious, and always nutritious. Furthermore you want to feel full and satisfied at the end of the night to avoid those late night munchies. That’s why we have gathered these recipes: healthy vegan dinners for weight loss. 

Stir Frys

If you love colorful vegetables with poppin flavor this stir fry slaw is just the low calorie dinner dish for you.

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet
Broccoli Slaw

Vegetables and beans are the perfect filling meal. The flavors are amazing and it’s full of protein and nutrients. 

This recipe is packed with filling nutrients like fiber and protein. The low calorie vegetables help keep you super full for a longer period of time. 

You will adore this buckwheat stir fry mixed with vegetables and roasted buckwheat groats. It is a simple meal packed with a variety of nutrients. Furthermore it’s ready in under 30 minutes!

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet
Stir Fry Salad

Vegetable Noodles 

Spaghetti squash is another amazing recipe for your vegan weight loss diet. It’s low in calories and carbs yet still packed with vitamins and minerals. Ditch that pasta for these noodles instead. 

Speaking of healthy vegetable noodles this sweet potato dish is easy and delicious. Not to mention that sweet potatoes are super cheap and filling. Try this healthy vegan dinner for weight loss. 

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet

Curry’s & Soups 

Did you know the spices in curry can actually help with weight loss? Spices like turmeric and flavors like ginger aid in digestion and promote wellness. This vegan vegetable curry hits the spot too. 

Tofu nuggets and curry soup is absolutely heavenly with a healthy plant based protein! 

This plant based red lentil curry is the perfect healthy pantry stable dish. furthermore its ready in under 30 minutes!

Red Lentil Vegan Dinner

Red Bliss potatoes and light and hearty broth makes the best healthy vegan dinner for weight loss. With only 150 calories per serving you can even have seconds! 

If you’re looking for something super filling with minimal calories try cabbage soup. The cabbage soup diet has helped countless people drop the pounds fast. 

With simple ingredients like: onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, coconut milk, curry paste, and cashews it’s no wonder this soup is a top favorite for healthy vegan dinner for weight loss!

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet
healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet

All you need to make detox lentil soup is Green Lentils, Celery, Carrot, Onion, Ginger Paste, and various seasonings.

recipe for vegan pumpkin soup gluten free Keto low carb easy healthy with coconut milk and vegetables homemade
Easy Vegetable Pumpkin Soup

Oven Baked 

Who needs meatloaf when you can make plant based lentil loaf?! Lentils and flax meal come together with the perfect spices for an amazing recipe. You will definitely want this one on your vegan weight loss diet. 

These stuffed bell peppers are loaded with quinoa, corn, beans and the perfect seasoning! Packed with flavor and prepped in 25 minutes, this dish makes a healthy vegan dinner for weight loss!

Oven Baked Stuffed Pepper

This bakes squash includes simple and delicious ingredients such as: butternut squash, black beans, fresh spinach, onions, rice, corn, and seasoning.

These cauliflower steaks are the perfect recipe for your vegan weight loss diet. All you need is: cauliflower heads, olive oil, ground flax seeds or breadcrumbs, and these delicious spices. 

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet
Baked Cauliflower

Cultural Cuisine

Vegan sushi is easier than you think to make right at home. Furthermore its way more affordable than take out and its super tasty!

This one pan tofu dinner is spicy, sweet, and tangy all brought together in an Asian style cuisine.

Spicy Tofu Recipe

With ingredients like garam masala, fresh tomatoes, and potatoes this dish is an African favorite. 

Upma is a traditional south Indian recipe that is normally prepared with semolina or coarse rice flour. The flavor combinations are absolutely delicious and it’s simple to make in your instant pot.

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet

Yum i have always adored Pancit! Made with rice noodles and vegetables, if you e never tried Pancit this is the recipe to start with!


All you need for this fresh vegetable salad is 1 cup kale chopped, 1 cup carrots shredded, 1 cup cabbage shredded, 1/2 cup waterchestnuts canned in water, 1/2 cup avocado, 1/4 cup aquafaba one can of chickpea water, 6 whole cherry tomatoes, 2 tbsp hemp seeds, and some seasonings. Get the recipe!

This vegan Apple Cucumber Mint Salad is a heavenly gluten-free salad! It’s flavored with refreshing ingredients like mint and lemon juice! The protein rich Peanut Butter adds a creamy layer too. It’s ready in 10 minutes using simple ingredients already available in your kitchen.

Vegan Blackberry Salad

Perfect For Meal Prep Dinners

Plant Based Burritos

All you need for this quinoa pesto is: raw baby spinach leaves, fresh basil leaves, lemon juice, water, walnuts,  garlic, quinoa, and spices! It’s simple enough to put together as well!

Chickpeas are an amazing meat replacement for your vegan weight loss diet. Air Fryer Veggie chickpea Burger is perfect recipe anytime you want to quickly wrap up a meal. They’re easy to make and perfect for meal prepping!

healthy vegan dinner for weight loss diet

Buddha bowls are some of my favorite dinner meal prep ideas!

Healthy Buddha Bowl With Plant Protein

Vegan Lentil Bolognese is Easy to Make and High in Protein.

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Black Bean Protein Bowl

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