Berry Mojito Mocktail Recipe (Strawberry, Lime & Mint)

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When summer starts creeping in, it’s officially mocktail season. I love experimenting with fresh fruits, seltzers and sodas to make appetizing mocktails. Not only do they taste delicious, but they look beautiful as well!

Berry mojito mocktail

This berry mojito mocktail is a non-alcoholic version of the summertime favorite. The fresh mint along with the juicy berries and sparkling soda makes for a very refreshing summertime beverage.

Recipe highlights

  • You can scale this recipe up to make a pitcher for a group of friends or a family gathering.
  • Fresh berries and lime provide a naturally sweet and refreshing drink for summer.
  • This is a mocktail, so there is no alcohol in this drink. It’s great for yourself, or guests that want something special and festive without the booze.
  • Mint adds an aromatic and herbal touch that complements the berries and lime.
  • It’s a healthier alternative to soda or boozey drinks.
  • Thanks to the fresh berries, this mocktail is beautiful and eye-catching. It’s always a hit at parties.

How to make a berry mojito mocktail

Berry mojito mocktail

Add fresh berries, agave, and lime juice to a blender. Blend till smooth.

In a glass, muddle mint leaves to release the flavor. You can use the back of a spoon, or a muddler.

Fill the glass with ice – leaving a bit of space at the top.

Pour the strawberry/lime mix over the ice, filling till it’s 3/4 way full. Top off with sparkling water, seltzer, or sprite for extra sweetness. Gently mix.

Garnish with fresh mint, berries, or a slice of lime. Serve immediately.

Recipe tips

Berry mojito mocktail
  • Choosing the berries – use ripe and sweet strawberries for the best flavor. They should be fragrant and free of any discoloration.
  • Be gentle – when muddling mint leaves, you want to be gentle to avoid them turning into a paste. All you need is a light press and twist.
  • Adjusting for sweetness – strawberries can vary in their sweetness level. Give them a taste before adding sweetener and adjust the amount accordingly.
  • Use the right ice – using small ice cubes or crushed ice will chill the drink quicker.
  • Experiment with garnishes – You can have fun with the garnishes. Try using mixed berries, lemon, limes, mint leaves or getting creative with the shapes of your strawberries to mix it up.

Berry Mojito Mocktail Recipe (Strawberry, Lime and Mint)

Berry mojito mocktail
This refreshing berry mojito mocktail is the perfect way to cool down in the summer.
Cook Time 5 minutes
Serving Size 2 drinks


  • ½ cup fresh strawberries hulled and sliced
  • 1 lime juiced
  • 2 Tbsp. agave syrup
  • 8 fresh mint leaves
  • 1 cup sparkling water, seltzer or soda
  • ice cubes
  • lemon or lime for garnish


  • In a blender, add the fresh strawberries and lime juice. Blend till smooth.
  • In a glass, muddle the mint leaves gently to release their oils and flavor. You can use the back of a spoon.
  • Add the agave syrup to the glass and stir well to combine with the mint leaves.
  • Fill the glass with ice cubes, leaving 2 inches of space at the top.
  • Pour the strawberry-lime mixture over the ice, filling the glass about 3/4 full.
  • Top off the glass with sparkling water or soda water, stirring gently.
  • Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, strawberry slices or lemon as desired.


You can adjust the sweetness by adding more or less agave syrup.

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