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Plant based and vegan information category is designated for the few non recipe pages

Yes Anyreasonvegans is a recipe blog! However we have a handful of posts with plant based diet information. Being vegan has more benefits than just food recipes after all! More on the Plant based and vegan information category. Learn all about information on vegan diets.

Additionally individual plant based ingredients have many benefits to know about! They contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. Some have specific weight loss benefits as well. Furthermore veganism benefits the planet as well as our bodies.

The Plant Based Diet is very beneficial for our health.

That is why Anyreasonvegans vegan blog has a handful of blog posts explaining the benefits of each whole grain in posts like plant based 101. We have the best information on vegan diets.

Additionally we have provided a post on the top sources of plant based calcium and plant based protein. For example pumpkin seeds are rich in protein and calcium. There is also a post about vegan sources of vitamin B12. As vegans may know is harder to obtain.

Another helpful post here at Anyreasonvegans is plant based foods that help curb appetite. There are ingredients such as cayenne peppers and chia seeds that help curb appetite.

Veganism also benefits the planet

Veganism benefits the earth in so many ways. Such as global warming, the environment, and fighting against deforestation.

For these reasons and many others we have a post about the ways the planet benefits from veganism. Learn about how much water you can save by eating more vegan foods. Additionally read up on this plant based diet information.

For all these reasons this category is available here at Anyreasonvegans vegan blog.

Find out all about your vegan plant based information curiosities at my blog. For example learn about the top proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. The definition of plant based is a diet mostly made of foods that come from plants like nuts, vegetables, seeds, legumes, grains, and fruits. This meal plan should have few or preferably no foods sourced from animals.

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