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Plant Based diet Recipes Category is full of a variety of healthy recipes for you

Plant based recipes category has many whole food ideas to choose from. This was one of my first main categories that I worked on. This is because I was following a strict plant based diet to lose weight. We have plant based recipes dinner, lunch, and breakfast.

I was about 60 pounds overweight earlier on in my vegan recipe blog journey. Many of the recipes I was eating were documented for recipe blog purposes. Plant based ingredients are full of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore they are low in calories.
My recipe round up post “20 Plant Based meals I ate to lose 60 pounds” is very popular.

This particular plant based diet recipes category post contains plant based recipes dinner such as tofu nuggets, vegetable curry, and more. Tofu and tempeh are healthy and high in plant protein. That is why Anyreasonvegans vegan recipe blog provides these type of plant based breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes for you.

Vegan cheesecakes made with cashews and pistachios are easy and delicious. Soaked dates help create plant based desserts as well.

Almond flour is another healthy plant based diet ingredient for these recipes. We also have fruit sorbets, healthy brownies, and breakfast cookie recipes in this nutritious category at Anyreasonvegans.

These healthy plant based diet recipes can help with weight loss and overall health.

This is due to the fact of how nutritious the ingredients are. Plant Based diet ingredients are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Plant based protein is great for building healthy muscles as well. You can find everything you need to make the best healthy recipes in this category.

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How To Make Healthy Overnight Protein Oats

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