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29 Healthy and Delicious High-Fiber Vegan Meals

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As a vegan, getting enough fiber is usually not a major concern. Plant-based diets typically provide sufficient amounts of fiber without too much effort. However, there are lot’s of reasons to seek out vegan meals that are high in fiber!

Fiber-rich meals help us maintain healthy digestion while keeping us full for longer periods of time. From hearty soups to easy breakfast bars, these recipes will help keep you satisfied while also delivering you plenty of dietary fiber.

Tip: Smoothies are also a really easy way to get your fiber in, especially green smoothies.

These vegan meals are all incredibly tasty and satisfying while packing in the fiber.

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  1. I have been vegatarian since I was 11yr old now 59 at that time there was no alternatives for anything as a result my diet was limited to pasta baked potatoes salad I have brittle bones due to not liking milk as a child and being no alternative damage was done but due to your recipes I am gradually enjoying new meals veg chilli the butter bean stew etc and am feeling completely spoilt as for so long had such a restricted diet now I am excited for food thanks to you and your recipes still don’t like milk or any alternatives lol and am loving legumes not blk beans or chicken peas but thank you for making me actually love meal times for a first ever look forward to more recipes and thank you again for making me actually love food and not just eat cause I have to but because it looks gorgeous and tastes even better xxx

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