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21 High Protein Vegan Recipes (Without Soy)

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There is a common misconception that vegans cannot get enough protein in their diets. However – this could not be further from the truth! There are a ton of delicious plant-based foods that are packed with protein.

While tofu is a great source of protein, it contains soy which some people are sensitive to. So, if you have eliminated soy from your diet, you’ll find these recipes useful for your weekly rotation. This list of vegan recipes are all high protein while also being free of soy.

Legumes, chickpeas and beans are one of the best (and most popular) sources of vegan proteins. You can add them to salads or mash them up to create faux “meat” for tacos and burritos. Nuts are also an excellent and delicious source of protein, with almonds, walnuts and hemp seeds being some of the best sources. They’re easy to throw into smoothies or add to plant-based dishes.

Try these baked protein oat bars for a boost of protein on the go!

Even grains like quinoa, buckwheat and oats contain protein! Once you have a list of protein-based ingredients to work with, it’s easy to incorporate them into recipes. I suggest experimenting with what you like and changing up your recipes on a weekly basis so you don’t grow tired of the same foods.

High Protein Vegan Recipes (Without Soy)

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