How To Start A Recipe Blog For Profit And Fun

How To Start A Recipe Blog For Profit And Fun

If you’ve found this page then you must be searching ways on how to start a recipe blog. Food and recipe blogs are one of the most profitable content niches too. That’s because there’s a huge audience for recipes. I know for a fact you can create a successful food blog because I did it myself! Let me teach you how to start a recipe blog for profit and fun. 

Food bloggers make money from advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. Bloggers bring in hundred and thousands of dollars per month. The biggest bloggers make 6 to 7 figures! If nothing else, your recipe blog can be a side hustle or full time job. Additionally if you’re willing to put in the work, it can produce a decent income and you can do it from home, without even selling anything! 

The first thing you will need to do is pick a domain name! That’s the name of your blog, for example mine is because it’s a vegan recipe blog! Spend some time thinking about the style of recipe blog you want to create. Then check to see if it’s available here: 

Find Your Domain Name

How To Start A Recipe Blog For Profit And Fun: A few things to consider while choosing the right domain. First, keep it simple! Which means avoid non letter symbols such as: _, &, /, -, etc. You want the domain name to be simple for your audience to type into the search bar. 

Once you choose the domain name for your recipe/ food blog it’s time to pick a hosting plan. I have used Bluehost for over 3 years and I highly recommend it to any new or returning blogger. Bluehost provides various hosting options forWordPress and WooCommerce websites. Select the graphic below to choose your hosting plan:

How To Start A Recipe Blog For Profit And Fun: Start your WordPress website right with site analytics, traffic management, security, and backups all together in a complete WordPress bundle. When I started I chose shared hosting because I didn’t know what I was doing and it was the cheapest. 

And that worked great for about a year and a half. However as my website grew so did my needs, I realized I needed to transfer to a VPS. The difference is website speed and performance. You can start with the less expensive one and transfer later or start with the faster hosting plan. The choice is yours, however switching was a pain and a bit costly. 

How To Start A Recipe Blog For Profit And Fun: Any hosting plan higher than a standard VPS is for websites with huge traffic and a lot of media. For example a celebrity cooking website with millions of visitors per day and recipe videos on every page. 

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