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Cakes cheesecakes and pies Tag is connected to Anyreasonvegans vegan recipes for all the cakes and baked goods. All these vegan dessert recipes are dairy free.

Cakes cheesecakes and pies Belong to the category vegan dessert recipes. All vegan cakes contain a vegan egg replacement. Vegan cheesecake recipes are dairy free and made with vegan ingredients such as nuts, coconut milk, or oatmeal.

This vegan cake tag has cakes made with blueberries, strawberries and peanut butter. It also has vegan desserts made with cashews and dates. Anyreasonvegans has vegan cream pies made with coconut cream, almond butter, and chocolate.

Additionally you will find these cream pies require no baking and are gluten free. Anyreasonvegans baked goods recipes are easy, vegan, and gluten free.