healthy salads

Healthy salads At Anyreasonvegans vegan recipe blog has the best plant based ingredients. We have the best dressings and sauces as well. With vegetables like spinach, kale, and chickpeas.

Plant based salads are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Get all your vitamins and nutrients with these recipes made with garden vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. My favorite salad dressing is avocado based. Ingredients that make the best ones include garlic, shallots, lemon, and basil.

I also love to use ingredients such as mint, flaxmeal, corn, and poppyseeds to make healthy salad recipes. You also have to try some cilantro, avocado, cooked lentils too. Navy beans are great as well because they add a meaty flavor and texture yet are still very much vegan! Butter lettuce is a lovely thick and zesty lettuce. It makes a great lettuce wrap as well with is kind of like a compact salad! Try dried fruit like cranberries, blueberries, or spicy mango chunks! You will adore these flavor combination ideas.

Black garlic is delicious in salads because it has a sweet pungent balsamic flavor that blends well with vegetables. Try something different like coconut, ginger, and eggplant! It can be very delicious to sauté some onions and mushrooms as well. Whole food plant based salads are really amazing especially when they are fully raw vegan. You can even make dressings out of raw cashed soaked in liquid then blended. Blend it with other delicious flavors like black garlic sesame oil and wasabi. These are my favorite types of healthy salad recipes!

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