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Round ups tag includes all my posts that are lists of recipes that are similar or contain the same ingredient etc. I have one round up that it’s for the five best vegan protein powders of 2021. Please include organic super foods with plant-based ingredients that range in prices and nutrients to help you pick your favorite. Another List post includes 20 non-perishable vegan items to stock up on. This was written at the beginning of 2020 and includes staples from your pantry that are common in most household.

Next round ups we have 20 easy healthy salad recipes that are all vegan and plant-based. So if you’re looking for ideas for salads for the spring and summer or even winter and fall check out 20 easy healthy salad recipes. Next is 20 best begin three potato recipes. I use sweet potatoes to make so many recipes because they’re so versatile you can make desserts pro Tien bowls or savory dishes the ideas are endless.

Another round up recipe list is 20 vegan recipes with nutritional yeast. I love fortified nutritional yeast because it has a nutty cheesy flavor and it’s vegan and it contains vitamin B 12 which is a nutrient that be anything to make sure they are getting enough of. My favorite list post is 20 plant-based recipes I eat to lose 60 pounds because it has all the recipes I ate after my last pregnancy where I gained 60 pounds and then lost the way over the next six months to a year!