Snacks and side dishes

snacks and side dishes tag contains vegan and plant based recipes. These recipes are generally easy and quick to make. The vegan snack recipes include thinks like healthy cookies and vegetable side dishes.

Appetizers are vegan and served before a main meal. They are smaller and delicious. Additionally these recipes include things like sweet potato crisps and salads.

This tag is for Vegan recipes that are not main meals. Healthy snacks help with weight loss and health. They also help you stay full between meals. Anyreasonvegans has the best snacks and sides recipes

Healthy Rainbow Fruit Popsicles Recipe

Healthy Rainbow Fruit Popsicles Recipe  These healthy rainbow fruit popsicles are so beautiful and delicious. I got these really fun…

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Simple Vegan Raspberry Brownie Recipe

Simple Vegan Raspberry Brownie Recipe Simple vegan raspberry brownie recipe is tasty and delightful. They’re great for snacks, dessert, and…

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Easy Air Fryer Chickpeas Recipe

Easy Air Fryer Chickpeas Recipe  These easy air fryer chickpeas are crispy and super flavorful. They’re perfect on salads or…

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