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Vitamin b12 foods at Anyreasonvegans

Includes vegan recipes with b12 sources for vegans and vegetarians. It can be difficult to find this b complex vitamin naturally on a vegan diet.

The exact list includes:

1. Nutritional Yeast

2. Fortified Cereals

3. Fortified Plant Milks

4. Redbull

5. Marmite

6. Supplements

7. Duckweed

Due to the fact that it’s not a naturally occurring vitamin, many foods are fortified with b12. One of those vegan foods is nutritional yeast. Many brands are fortified with this vitamin.

Additionally, nutritional yeast is a very tasty seasoning for vegan recipes. Vitamin B12 deficiency is also called cobalamin deficiency. This is the medical condition of low levels of vitamin b12 in the blood. Mild deficiency causes symptoms of lethargy and reduced red blood cells. Reduced red blood cells is also known as anemia. That’s why we have these rich sources of these b12 foods.

A person with a moderate vitamin B12 deficiency may experience soreness of the tongue. Additionally they may start to experience neurological problems. These symptoms include a pins and needles type sensation. Avoid this by consuming one of many sources of vitamin b12 foods.

Other easy vegan sources of vitamin B12 include fortified plant based milk, Red Bull energy drink, and marmite. Furthermore you can always take a vegan vitamin supplement.

Severe vitamin B12 deficiency also includes a reduction in heart function. There is also risk of greater neurological problems. Neurological problems may include changes in reflexes, poor muscle function, memory problems, decreased taste, and in extreme cases psychosis. Good thing it’s so simple to consume.

vitamin b12 for vegans and vegetarians.

Vitamin B12 is necessary and beneficial for health. Vegans and vegetarians can get rich sources of this vitamin from Red Bull, nutritional yeast, and fortified foods. Also marmite and vegan vitamin supplements.

Without early treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency, some of the changes may be permanent.

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