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Weight loss recipes, tips, and advice at Anyreasonvegans vegan recipe blog. Losing weight is really hard. Especially when you don’t have a meal plan. Diet is 80% responsible for your weight.

We have multiple pages available to assist anyone who wants to lose weight. First we have a large variety of plant based diets. Plant based recipes are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Additionally plant based recipes are generally low in calories. Which makes sense because fruits and vegetables are low in calories. Another strategy of vegan weight loss is keto vegan recipes.

Keto vegan recipes are very low in carbohydrates which can boost weight loss. Consuming minimal carbs is a full proof strategy to shed the pounds fast. Another area we have added to this tag is tips and advice to shed pounds.

We have content on vegan tips to shed pounds such as drinking water and consuming chia seeds. Other methods include meal prepping and calorie counting. Not everyone is the same, so we have tried to share multiple vegan weight loss strategies.

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