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15 Of My Favorite Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

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The Instant Pot is a seriously handy kitchen appliance. Soups, steamed veggies, and even baked goods are all game for the Instant Pot. The best part? It’s super fast. Recipes that would normally take a long time are done very quickly, which I love. Everyone knows I’m a lazy cook sometimes.

It’s also very easy to use, even though I was a bit intimidated at first. Any sort of pressure cooking sounds a bit crazy in the standard home kitchen. But, it’s truly a great appliance. I’m excited to share some of my favorite vegan Instant Pot recipes. Let me know in the comments if you try any of them!

1. Vegan Instant Pot Creamy Potato Soup

This cozy soup is creamy, tasty, and really satisfying. You may even have all the ingredients you need on hand! Creamy potatoes paired with savory herbs make this soup a favorite in our household. It’s also very easy to make.

Vegan potato soup
Instant Pot Potato Soup
This Instant Pot potato soup is 100% vegan and perfectly creamy and satisfying. It's a great soup for the cool winter months, but I make it all throughout the year.
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2. Instant Pot Rice And Beans

Easy to prepare and wallet-friendly, this rice and beans meal is a filling, feel-good dish you’ll want to make again and again. The protein comes from hearty beans, making this appropriate as a side or a main. For the kick, we introduce a blend of spices – chili powder, ground cumin, and garlic powder, all of which bring a subtle heat and depth of flavor.

rice and beans in instant pot
Instant Pot Mexican Rice and Beans
Instant pot Mexican rice and beans is quick, easy and perfect for weeknight dinner. Budget friendly and simple, this is great for meal prep too.
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3. Lentil Sloppy Joes

Who doesn’t love sloppy Joe’s? And yes, you can have them in vegan form. These bring me right back to childhood, only with a vegan twist. You can make these in your Instant Pot or your slow cooker. I like using Hawaiian buns for these, but you can use any soft rolls or burger buns you have.

Lentil sloppy Joes
Easy Smoky Lentil Sloppy Joes
Delicious Smoky Lentil Sloppy Joes that can be made in your Instant Pot, slow cooker, or on the stovetop. Instructions for all methods are included!
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4. The BEST Instant Pot Vegetable Stew

I’m a big fan of stews and soups, especially when they can made in the Instant Pot. This recipe uses so many veggies, making it super hearty and packed with nutrition. It’s also completely vegan and gluten-free. If you’re a fan of meal-prepping, you’ll want to add this recipe into your rotation.

The BEST Instant Pot Vegetable Stew
The BEST Instant Pot Vegetable Stew
This warm and hearty Instant Pot vegetable stew recipe is super easy to make. Made with almost 10 vegetables, this nutritious stew is vegan and gluten-free.
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5. Veggie Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Ready in only 30-minutes, you can have this restaurant quality meal on your table in no time. If you’re interested in mixing up your dinner routine with some unique flavors, give this Tikka Masala recipe a shot. It’s full of tasty veggies to keep you feeling satisfied.

Vegetarian Cauliflower Tikka Masala Recipe
Vegetarian Cauliflower Tikka Masala Recipe
Cauliflower Tikka Masala – an easy and delicious plant-based curry made with cauliflower, chickpeas, and onions simmered in an aromatic gravy made from creamy coconut milk. Cooked in the Instant Pot and ready in just 30 minutes, enjoy this Vegetarian Cauliflower Tikka Masala Recipe with rice or naan…
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6. Best Instant Pot Hummus Recipe

I bet you didn’t know you could make hummus in the Instant Pot. Yep, and homemade hummus is so much better than store-bought! This chickpea hummus is incredibly easy to make, and its quite versatile if you want to make any variations of it as well.

BEST Instant Pot Hummus Recipe
This flavorful and creamy Instant Pot Hummus Recipe is better than store-bought! The delicious dip is made with chickpeas, garlic, lemon, tahini and spices.
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7. Instant Pot Mashed Cauliflower (vegan)

I know mashed cauliflower is not a true replacement for mashed potatoes, but it is pretty darn close. Next time you’re looking for something to serve alongside your veggie burgers, try this Instant Pot recipe. It’s an easy side dish, and so creamy that you non-vegan friends won’t even question it.

Instant Pot Mashed Cauliflower (vegan)
Instant Pot Mashed Cauliflower (vegan)
Vegan Instant Pot Cauliflower Mash is an easy side. Made with cauliflower, vegan butter, dairy-free sour cream, fresh chives and garlic.
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8. Instant Pot Potatoes and Carrots

Another Instant Pot side dish that is light and simple. You can never have enough veggies, right? This simple dish is the perfect side for any vegan meal. And, it takes very little effort to throw together.

Easy Instant Pot Potatoes and Carrots
Easy Instant Pot Potatoes and Carrots
Instant pot potatoes and carrots – a simple dish to brighten up any main meal and made with few ingredients, effort and tastes delightful.
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9. Instant Pot Cauliflower Cream

What is cauliflower cream? Well, it’s magic is what it is! Cauliflower cream can be used in place of heavy cream when making recipes vegan. Whether you’re making mac and cheese or savory casserole, try incorporating a bit of this magic sauce into your recipe.

Instant Pot Cauliflower Cream
Instant Pot Cauliflower Cream
This easy Instant Pot cauliflower cream is perfect for meal prep! Use this creamy, vegan sauce in mac and cheese, alfredo, and more!
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10. Healthy And Simple Instant Pot Barley

You really can’t go wrong with barley when it comes to satisfying side dishes. And, it’s very easy to whip up in the instant pot. I like to flavor it with various spices when it’s done cooking. Packed with protein and fiber, this is a good one to have on the meal-prep rotation as well!

Healthy And Simple Instant Pot Barley (Vegan)
Healthy And Simple Instant Pot Barley (Vegan) – Hassle Free Vegan
This Healthy and Simple Instant Pot Barley takes only a few minutes to put together. This side dish is a great source of protein and fiber.
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11. Instant Pot Chickpea Pasta – Easy One Pot Meal

I always rave about one-pot meals, especially when they’re super budget friendly and easy to throw together. This chickpea pasta is ready in just a few minutes when made in your Instant Pot. Its the perfect satisfying weeknight meal.

Instant Pot Chickpea Pasta - Easy One Pot Meal
Instant Pot Chickpea Pasta – Easy One Pot Meal
Instant Pot Chickpea Pasta is ready in just a few minutes and is super simple to make! This one pot meal is just 5 ingredients and budget friendly!
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12. Vegan Instant Pot Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is truly one of my favorite dishes. In the cold winter months, I love making tomato soup for dinner alongside a sandwich. It’s incredibly warming and comforting! This vegan tomato soup is made in the Instant Pot, so there is no need to fuss about time. Its a great option for winter, and it takes only 30 minutes!

Vegan Instant Pot Tomato Soup
Vegan Instant Pot Tomato Soup
Looking for a warm entree? This Instant Pot Tomato Soup is your best option. Vegetarian and vegan soup that has a wonderful taste.
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13. Perfect Instant Pot Brown Jasmine Rice

If you’ve never made rice in your Instant Pot before, you’re missing out! It’s so much easier than making it on the stove stop. This is a great “essential rice” recipe, and perfect when you need a simple side dish.

Perfect Instant Pot Brown Jasmine Rice
Perfect Instant Pot Brown Jasmine Rice
This perfect instant pot brown jasmine rice recipe is one we come back to again and again. Having a great recipe for brown rice is essential!
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14. Vegan Lentil Cauliflower Curry

This easy vegan curry is flavorful, filling, and super tasty. It uses the pre-steamed lentils from Trader Joe’s, making it a fool-proof vegan meal that whips up in no time. You can also use dried lentils instead of pre-steamed! Whichever you choose, your mouth will be watering for this one.

Lentil Cauliflower Curry: Instant Pot Recipe (Vegan)
Lentil Cauliflower Curry: Instant Pot Recipe
This delicious lentil cauliflower curry is a nutritious and flavorful vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dish! It’s so easy to make and leaves you with leftovers.
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15. Easy Carrot And Lentil Soup

This cozy soup is like a hug in a bowl, folks! It’s all about hearty carrots and wholesome red lentils, jazzed up with a mix of spices – think cumin, paprika, and turmeric, with just a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. The ginger and garlic add a peppy kick and the coconut milk makes it creamy and luscious.

Carrot and lentil soup
Carrot and Lentil Soup- Stovetop & Instant Pot — Plant-Powered Livin’
Looking for an easy, nourishing weeknight meal? This tasty carrot and lentil soup with ginger and coconut milk comes together in 30 minutes!
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