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Categories: vegan dessert recipes

Vegan Keto Matcha IceCream Recipe

Vegan Keto Matcha IceCream Recipe

How to make matcha ice cream recipe with coconut can be very low in carbs. Just use a sugar substitute for a keto ice cream recipe. Not to mention the beautiful color of this green tea ice cream. That’s why I love this vegan keto matcha ice cream.

Matcha is really tasty I’ve always liked it. It’s really tasty in creamy recipes. That’s why I decided to make some creamy Keto IceCream with it! Matcha flavored ice cream is a really delicious flavor.

So what is matcha? Matcha is a powder made of finely ground green tea leaves. additionally It’s packed with antioxidants too. It’s perfect for this How to make matcha ice cream recipe with coconut.

This easy Keto ice cream only requires 4 ingredients! You simple need coconut cream, matcha, vanilla extract, and a Keto sweetener. I used stevia for this green tea ice cream recipe.

Start by storing the cans of coconut milk the night Before. This is important for getting the cream to separate. You only want to use the cream to make this vegan ice cream.

You will love this keto ice cream recipe

Matcha green tea powder

If you are using an ice cream maker, freeze your ice cream pan over night as well. This makes for the best ice cream. See recipe for the remaining Keto ice cream directions!

Ice cream makers are fairly inexpensive however you don’t have to have one to make ice cream. But it’s a lot more time consuming to make it by hand. Either way I’ve included instructions for both ways!

Lastly Stevia is a great sugar substitute. It’s not a fake sugar substitute like Splenda. The body does not metabolize the glycosides in stevia. However you can use whatever sweetener you prefer as there are many types. 

Other Keto sweeteners include monk fruit, Splenda, and sucralose. Either way this green tea ice cream recipe is vegan, Keto, paleo, and gluten free!

If you do not have an ice cream maker just scroll to the end of recipe. I’ve included instructions to make this ice cream with a hand held mixer. You will also need an ice cream freezer pan for How to make matcha ice cream recipe with coconut.

See how to make this matcha ice cream recipe below

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Vegan Keto Matcha IceCream Recipe

This Keto IceCream is so delicious!

Course Dessert, icecream
Cuisine Chinese, Japanese
Keyword dairyfreedessert, gluten free, icecream, keto, low carb, vegan
Prep Time 3 hours 45 minutes
Refrigeration time 3 hours
Total Time 6 hours 45 minutes
Servings 3 Servings
Calories 260 kcal
Author admin


  • 2 13.5 oz coconut milk in the can (full fat)
  • 2 Tbsp stevia or Keto sweetener of your choice
  • 1 tbsp matcha
  • 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract


With The IceCream Maker

  1. Freeze the churning pan for the ice cream maker in freezer overnight

  2. Refrigerate canned coconut milk for a minimum of 3 hours (no maximum time) the longer the better!

  3. The coconut cream will separate from the clear liquid once refrigerated for instructed amount of time (minimum 3 hours) and be at the top of the can. Use a medium spoon to scoop the cream out and discard the liquid

  4. Combine all ice cream in a blender and blend until thoroughly combined

  5. Add to frozen ice cream maker pan and churn for about 45 minutes or whatever time the makers Instructions say

  6. Pour into a 9 inch pan (lined with parchment paper is best) and place in freezer

How to make with out icecream maker

  1. add chilled mixture to a freezer-safe container and freeze. 

  2. Once every hour remove stir /whisk the ice cream mixture. 

  3. Do this for 6-8 hours while continuing to freeze until completely firm before serving.

Recipe Video

Thanks so much for reading my vegan Keto ice cream with matcha!

Hello guys! My name is Jessica and I am a recipe blogger who specializes in vegan and plant based recipes! I have been blogging for 4 years but I have been into cooking, baking, and creating my entire life, Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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