15 Leprechaun-Approved Vegan St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

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Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day recipes are often filled with meat, potatoes, and dairy. Whether you are plant-based, vegan, or gluten-free, there is no reason you cannot enjoy delicious dishes around this holiday.

These vegan St. Patrick’s Day recipes showcase how traditional Irish flavors, colors and ingredients can be adapted to the plant-based table. Enjoy these festive dishes whether you are celebrating at home or with family.

1. Irish Potato Bread

This simple recipe for Irish Potato Bread is gluten-free and vegan. It’s made with just four ingredients and can be enjoyed as a snack or side dish. You can dress it up savory or sweet with vegan butter or a tasty fruity spread. This is a great recipe for using up leftover mashed potatoes, and it is allergy friendly!

Irish potato bread
Strength & Sunshine
Irish Potato Bread (Gluten-Free Potato Farls) – Strength and Sunshine
Easy 4-ingredient Irish Potato Bread! Also known as Irish Farls, Fadge, or potato cakes! Made on a hot griddle, gluten-free, and vegan!
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2. Vegan Irish Stew

This Irish stew is a one-pot dish that is flavorful and comforting. It’s great for any occasion, not just St. Patrick’s Day. The gravy is deep and flavorful, and the chunky vegetables and optional vegan beef make it hearty and filling. You can prepare this on the stovetop, an Instant Pot or the slow cooker for a convenient and easy meal. Pair it with soda bread for a satisfying Irish feast!

Irish stew
Vegan Irish Stew
The best one-pot Vegan Irish Stew with rich, deep, & flavorful gravy that’s loaded with chunky, sweet vegetables & optional vegan “meat” or mushrooms.
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3. Potato Cauliflower Stew

Irish recipes are often filled with potatoes, and this diary-free and vegan strew combines potatoes and veggies for a rich and creamy soup. Made with coconut cream instead of heavy cream, this is a vegan stew that makes the perfect comfort food. It’s easy to prepare and pairs well with salad.

Potato Cauliflower and Leek Soup
Salted Plains
Potato Cauliflower and Leek Soup
This Potato Leek Cauliflower Soup with Kale is rich and creamy but totally dairy-free! An easy healthy vegetarian soup!
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4. Vegan Colcannon Bites

A creative take on traditional Irish colcannon, this vegan recipe uses collard greens instead of cabbage or kale. Filo shells filled with a flavorful mixture of mashed potatoes and veggies makes these bites the perfect finger food for St. Patrick’s Day.

Vegan colcannon
Healing Tomato
Colcannon Bites
Vegan colcannon recipe like you have never seen. With collard greens and piped into mini filo shells. Great appetizer for St. Patrick’s day.
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5. St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board

Who doesn’t love a good snack board? You’ll love this vibrant and vegan array of snacks that are themed around St. Patrick’s Day. This board features all sorts of delicious green foods like grapes, kiwis and cumbers. Leprechaun hats made from vegetables make this adult and kid-friendly. It’s a healthy snack with a “pot of gold” at one end!

St. Patrick's Day Snack Board
Eating By Elaine
St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board
This no-fuss, super green and festive St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board is a fun way to fill up with all the good stuff! This vegan collection of snacks
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6. Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shake Recipe

Shamrock shakes are a classic treat to get around this time of year. This vegan version is much healthier and also complies with a plant-based diet. It’s filled with wholesome ingredients for a delicious shake without the guilt (and dairy).

Conscious Plant Kitchen
Conscious Plant Kitchen
Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shake Recipe
This thick, frothy minty Vegan Shamrock Shake recipe is perfect to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. No Ice cream, only wholesome ingredients!
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7. Shamrock Veggie Skewers

These veggie skewers are festive and healthy, making them a great appetizer for any St. Patty’s Day celebration. An assortment of bite-sized green veggies are topped with a shamrock-shaped green pepper. You can use a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter, or slice the green peppers into rings (they naturally resemble shamrocks). Serve with a green dip for added flavor and festive color.

Shamrock skewers
Two Healthy Kitchens
Shamrock Veggie Skewers
These easy Shamrock Veggie Skewers are a perfect St. Patrick’s Day appetizer for parties – and a fun, healthy after-school snack!
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8. Vegan Soda Bread with Fennel Seeds

This vegan soda bread is simple and wholesome. Made with whole wheat flour and other simple ingredients, its made for ease and speed. You don’t need any yeast or kneading. It’s the perfect brad for beginners or anyone who is short on time. This bread is dense with a delicious crust, perfect for dipping into one of the stew recipes featured here!

Irish soda bread
Earth To Veg
Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread with Fennel Seeds – Earth to Veg
This barebones Irish soda bread recipe is vegan-friendly and uses mostly pantry ingredients. Throw in some optional fennel seeds to add a pop of flavour.
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9. Matcha Sugar Cookies

While matcha isn’t Irish, it is the perfect ingredient for adding a festive green color to any recipe. These healthy matcha cookies feature green tea, poppy seeds and no refined sugar. They have a chewy center with crisp edges, similar to my vegan ginger cookies. If you’re looking for a festive, green dessert for St. Patrick’s Day, try this cookie recipe.

Matcha cookies
Healthy Taste Of Life
Healthier Matcha Cookies – Vegan, Gluten Free Matcha Sugar Cookies
Healthy vegan matcha cookies with stress-reducing effect – crisp edges, chewy centers, made with oatmeal and poppy seeds – a recipe that’s both vegan and gluten free. These are basically vegan matcha sugar cookies tweaked
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10. Lentil Shepherds Pie

It would not be St. Patrick’s Day without shepherds pie. This lentil version is quick, vegan and gluten-free. It’s a classic comfort food that uses pantry staples for a hearty meal. Protein-rich lentils mixed with veggies and dairy-free potatoes all come together for a savory and filling dish.

Lentil shepherds pie
Strength & Sunshine
Easy Lentil Shepherd’s Pie (Vegan, Gluten-Free) – Strength and Sunshine
This Easy Vegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie is made in less than 30 minutes! A healthy, budget-friendly recipe that’s 10 ingredients, gluten-free, allergy-free!
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11. Delicious Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is a great drink for St. Patrick’s Day morning. Filled with avocado and spinach for that beautiful green color, it’s a healthy way to start the day. The creamy texture comes from the dairy-free yogurt and almond milk. Whip it up for an easy breakfast or snack.

Green smoothie
The Wooden Skillet
Delicious Green Smoothie
Green Smoothie Recipe – made with mango, avocado, spinach and other healthy ingredients! Delicious + dairy-free friendly!
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12. Vegan Chocolate Guinness Cake

How delicious does this vegan chocolate Guinness cake look? This rich and moist cake perfectly balances the deep flavor of Guinness stout with intense chocolate. Topped off with tangy and sweet frosting (made with vegan cream cheese), it’s a complex and delightful dessert. Whip this up on St. Patrick’s Day or Father’s Day for a decadent treat.

Vegan Chocolate Guinness Cake
A Virtual Vegan
Vegan Chocolate Guinness Cake
Vegan Chocolate Guinness Cake topped with tangy, sweet vegan cream cheese frosting. It’s perfectly moist, rich, and dark, with malty, deep, complex richness. Perfect for St Patrick’s Day or Father’s Day!
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13. Vegan Matcha Ice Cream

This flavorful dessert is simple and requires only 5 ingredients. If you have an ice cream maker, you’ll want to whip up a batch of this creamy matcha ice cream. It has the consistency of soft-serve but can also be hardened in the freezer.

Matcha icecream
Wow It’s Veggie
5-Ingredient Vegan Matcha Ice Cream
This vegan matcha ice cream is so light and delicious! It uses only 5 ingredients and is refreshing and simple to make!
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14. Vegan Irish Stew

This hearty dish is tasty, filling, and great for St. Patty’s Day. Or, if you need a cozy meal, you can whip up a batch of this soup and dip some fresh bread into it. The flavors of root veggies and mushrooms make this soup hearty without any meat.

Vegan stew
Cook Eat Live Love
Easy Vegan Irish Stew
Enjoy vegan Irish stew with chunky root vegetables and meaty mushrooms in a vegetable broth. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any time!
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15. Pot-O-Gold Applesauce

How cute are these festive Pot o’ Gold applesauce cups? Naturally sweetened and vegan, this is a healthy breakfast option for St. Patty’s Day, or a perfect snack. This is a kid-friendly recipe with a festive Irish twist.

Cook eat love
Two Healthy Kitchens
Naturally Sweetened Pot o’ Gold Applesauce
Such a fun St. Patrick’s Day snack! This Naturally Sweetened Pot o’ Gold Applesauce is quick, easy and healthy! So cute – your kids will love it!
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