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Vegan Tropical Punch Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Vegan Tropical Punch Buttercream Frosting Recipe

This Vegan Tropical Punch Buttercream Frosting Recipe contains only 3 ingredients! Furthermore it’s easy, cheap, and gluten free. You have to try this kool aid buttercream frosting recipe.

I started my vegan recipe blog about 2 years ago. About 1 year ago I made my first buttercream frosting recipe. It was so exciting to see the reception from my readers! I knew you guys would enjoy a vegan kool aid buttercream frosting recipe frosting.

You might wonder can you use kool aid to color frosting? Yes you can use kool aid to color your frosting recipes. Especially if you use dark colored one. The darker color flavors will really brighten up your frosting recipes.

My first vegan frosting recipe was marshmallow buttercream made with smuckers marshmallow topping. I’ve been making buttercream frostings ever since.

Kool Aid packets are all vegan! Which is awesome because they come in a variety of fun flavors. Kool Aid drink powder was invented all the way back in 1927. That’s what gives this vegan buttercream it’s tropical punch flavor.

They originally had 6 flavors: Cherry, Grape, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Raspberry, And Strawberry. Today you can get many different kinds. Many flavors for vegan frosting recipes!

So I’m making a vanilla cake to be frosted by this buttercream. Buttercream frosting is a type of frosting that is thick and creamy. It’s made to be filling and coating. Buttercream is also great for piping. 

Kool Aid is the best vegan frosting ingredient

Tropical punch frosting

Make sure your vegetable shortening is room temperature before making the frosting. Once refrigerated it will harden some. Try blending again after refrigeration for extra thick and creamy Vegan Fruit punch buttercream frosting.

However you will want your cake to be fully chilled and your frosting be room temperature before adding kool aid buttercream frosting.

These easy Vegan kool aid buttercream frosting recipe ingredients include vegetable shortening, powdered sugar, and one kool Aid packet. This icing is great for cake decoration and piping also!

All you need is 16oz vegetable shortening, 4 cups powdered sugar, and 1 packet of tropical punch kool aid for tropical punch frosting.

In a large mixing bowl add the vegetable shortening. Next Use an electric mixer to break up shortening. Then Add powdered sugar to the frosting one cup at a time.

Blend the Vegan Fruit punch frosting in between cups to avoid powder sugar explosion. Lastly Add kool aid packet and blend until thoroughly combined. Now you have kool aid buttercream frosting recipe.

This vegan buttercream frosting recipe only needs 3 ingredients!

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Tropical Punch Buttercream Frosting

This recipe is so easy and fun!

Course Dessert, frosting
Cuisine American
Keyword baking, buttercream, frosting, gluten free, vegan
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2 Cups
Calories 1200 kcal
Author admin


  • 16 oz vegetable shortening room temperature
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 packet tropical punch kool aid 1 packet is .16 oz


  1. In a large mixing bowl add vegetable shortening 

  2. Use electric mixer to break up shortening alone first

  3. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time blending in between to avoid powder sugar explosion 

  4. Add kool aid packet and blend until thoroughly combined

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Hello guys! My name is Jessica and I am a recipe blogger who specializes in vegan and plant based recipes! I have been blogging for 4 years but I have been into cooking, baking, and creating my entire life, Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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